What We Are About

Love Sex Rain is an ongoing series of real life stories from people navigating all kinds of relationships. 

Whether it's in real life, or online, dating is hard. Even though the divorce rate has been steadily declining for the last thirty years, marriage is still hard. So, even when we find our dream mate, it's not all sunshine and rainbows. Sometimes it rains.

Our mission is to empower and encourage others in the journey to find love, maintain love, and celebrate our sexuality while we're at it. We are human. We want love. We want sex.

In our sexually repressed society, we need places where we can talk about real sex. Love Sex Rain is a platform for sex-positive expression, without judgement.

Follow Mara, while she fucks her way to the man of her dreams.

Follow Calla, as she enters the exciting world of polyamory.

Hear stories from all kinds of people in our "Other People's Bedrooms" series.


All artwork on this site is created exclusively for Love Sex Rain. 20% of proceeds from the sale of these prints will be donated to Women for Women International.