Age: 40's

Relationship Status: Open Relationship. Married to Ben for ten years. Mother of two.

Favourite Sex Position: Currently - getting fucked from behind

What's your story?


I am completely satisfied and in love with my life.  My husband, Ben, (read: best friend) and I have been discussing the topic of ethical non-monogamy since we first began dating, and finally decided to put it into practice in 2015. We have a great sex life together. Our marriage is rock solid. Our kids aren't so little anymore. We felt it was a good time to open up our relationship, and explore intimate relationships outside of our own.

Ben now has a regular lover that he sees once a week. I am actively seeking a lover of my own. Not just someone to have sex with, but someone with whom there is a real connection. The sharing of mind and heart is what is really sexy to me. A nice, hard cock doesn't hurt either.