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Sometimes we don't have any new dates lined up. Sometimes there just isn't anything new to report. That is the perfect time for us to share your stories for our "Other People's Bedrooms" series. We support the right for people to be their sexual selves, and to be able to talk about their experiences in a sex-positive way. LGBQT-friendly. Married, single, or somewhere in between, we want to hear about what is happening in your bedrooms and love lives.

Let it rain, baby.

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Please feel free to make up a fake name to protect your privacy, if you so desire. Have fun with it. A name for your sexual self!
You may submit a rough draft, a partial draft, or a short pitch.

What happens next?

  • Love Sex Rain will review your submission and determine whether it’s a potential fit. (We are hoping to have a variety of voices.)
  • If so, we will get back to you with some notes.
  • Once you’ve addressed our comments, send your revised draft back.
  • Love Sex Rain will do a final edit.
  • We’ll schedule you for publication as soon as the post is ready!